‘Sultan’, ‘Ramayan’ and women !

My conversation with my better half after a long-awaited viewing of Sultan

Me – That seems like a ‘and they lived happily ever after’ kind of movie. I like it

Better Half – Really? I don’t think it was happy every after for ‘Aarfa’

Me – They have tried to do that , haven’t they? She goes back to wrestling and is pregnant at the end of the movie

Better Half – But she did not win the Olympic gold which she always wanted. I am sure it was not a happy ending for her

Me ( trying to defend ) – True, but did you notice her father’s reaction when she tells him about the pregnancy? Her father wanted her to focus on the medal. That shows a different picture doesn’t it?

Better half (begrudgingly) – May be.

Me (sensing a victory) –  If you notice, she was the main character in the movie. The whole story takes place because of her. Just like Ramayan and Mahabharat

Better half (with a great smile) – And you think it was ‘happily ever after for Sita’ ?

Me (not sure what to expect next) – I guess. Wasn’t it? ( trying hard to remember the Ramayan story)

Better half – Ram’s exile ended but Sita’s didn’t . She had to walk through fire to prove her purity. She had to go away in exile again while pregnant and raise 2 kids on her own in difficult conditions and finally she was swallowed by earth. Where is the happy ending in that!

Me (stunned and speechless)

सारी गलती राम की है !!

A different and poetic take on Ramayan on the background of recent events in Delhi. A hindi poem which tries to analyse the social causes behind the Delhi Rape Incidence. The poem uses ‘Ramayan’ as a context to draw parallels with today’s societal scenario.

Title – सारी गलती राम की है !!

सारी गलती राम की है, जिसने सीता आग पे चलवाई
आगे पीछे कुछ सोचा नहीं और गलत रित करवा दी

थोड़ी गलती सीता की भी है, जिसने राम की सब सुन ली
आदर्श नारी की एक अजीब परिभाषा उसने तब से ही बना दी

गलती उस धोबी की भी है, जिसने एक स्त्री की मर्यादा पर सवाल उठाया
और थोड़ी गलती उस राजा की भी है, जो राजा हो कर भी कुछ बोल नहीं पाया

रामायण हम सब ने पढ़ा , पर शायदही हम ने ये कभी सोचा
के राम अगर सीता को आग्निपरिक्षा न करवाता तो क्या होता …

Jan 2013