All or nothing…Ball is in your court Mr. Modi !!

That seems to be the mantra of our generation and if you want a proof then look no further than the results of recent elections !!

Indian election results

Indian elections 2014 – All or nothing  (image courtesy – Wikipedia)

If you think these elections were about Modi/ Rahul then you are highly mistaken. The election results have nothing to do with the political parties or even their leadership. This is about a generation and their risk appetite . It seems that this is a generation of ultimate risk takers. I am no way indicating that voting for Modi was a risk in any form or shape , I am just saying that this generation is a generation that is ready to bet and bet big.

Let me explain.

We first bet big on AAP and gave them the mandate in Delhi. When that did not work, we seem to have bet on the next big thing that is Modi. The key thing is that we have not just bet small , we have gone in with everything we have… Clear mandate .. All or nothing .. Do or die !!

That seems to be the way in general for our generation. We seem to be generation of entrepreneurs or even better – venture capitalists.

We are looking for the best things in our personal as well as public lives and we are ready to bet big. I know how it feels. I am a part of this generation.

We are a generation that is driven by All or Nothing. We want best things and we are ready to take big risks. We are ready to take a chance or 2 and we are also ready to give life a chance.

The funny thing about us is that we are not the one to shed a tear if we do not win. We move on and give it another shot on another day. This is what makes our generation special.

If I have one thing to say to Mr. Modi then this would be it – ‘ Our generation has bet on you but this generation will not stop and cry if you fail. We will look for alternatives and move on !! So the ball in now in your court Mr. Modi. Just remember It’s all or nothing !!