Men celebrating Women’s day !! Ironic

Ok.. Take a look at this video while I am taking a deep breath and looking for words that could convey my anger while maintaining the dignity of my blog.

First of all, my apologies to all the women who felt insulted by this video.I bet this video was produced by a bunch of Men. There are so many things that frustrate me about this video but I am trying to restrict myself to the top 5 list.  Consider this post as my tribute to women for Women’s day.

Women are just Mothers, Sisters, Girlfriends ? – Really? I am sure I remember having women as classmates, colleagues, team members, bosses and friends !! . Why not just mention that in the video?

So women spend their whole life taking care of Men? –  May be I live in the wrong century but I have seen women around me do much more than just look after the Men. I have seen them carve out high-flying careers while they were supposedly busy with all the Men they had to look after.

A tribute patronizing women on Women’s day –   Not a bright idea for sure. I thought this would be the last thing any self-respecting man would like to do. I leave it to the women reading this post to decide but at least the women I have spoken to definitely found the video patronizing

2 insults for the price of one ?? – Hell you insulted all the women but you also found a way to insult the Men. So we cannot do anything on our own? Whole life we have to be looked after by women? We do not have anything to offer to help women than this stupid video? So basically we are good for nothing, parasites who cannot survive on their own or support another human being?

Making people believe that this is a Women’s day tribute – I hate you most for this. You made so many men believe that this was a tribute. I had friends in my network who shared the video as ‘their tribute to women’. As mentioned earlier, that might be the last kind pf tribute any woman wanted, specially from Men !!



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