The Apology

An attempt at short story writing..Title – The Apology

He offered her husband his own milk sachet… He was just trying to make amends for his earlier behaviour… But she was not impressed.

Her husband was smiling… He was surprised at this whole thing. He was not sure if the person offering him the sachet was the same one who accused him of being a thief just few minutes back…

Guess somewhere inside, he was also smiling. He was not able reconcile with his conscience. He had just accused a man of stealing his passport and now he was trying to apologize by offering the man his milk sachet…

She was just furious… Not just with him but also with her husband… For her, he was rude and her husband was just too nice… Life as such had not been fair to her… She had stopped believing in the goodness that life had to offer. She just wanted to set the records straight but somehow the sachet had stopped her from doing that.

Her husband was still smiling. He was somehow able to see the irony of it all. Life has not been very easy on him too. Not just today, when someone accused him of a thief but throughout past few months. Life gave him nothing much to work with and now life was offering him a milk sachet. Somehow the milk sachet meant a lot to him.

‘This milk sachet seems to be life’s way of apologizing to both of us’ he said to his wife. ‘We have to accept the apology and move on’…

Just as they were about to get off the plane, he said to both of them – ‘ I am sorry … really sorry … Life lately has just been crazy for me… Sorry for taking it out on you two’

Both of them just smiled and just said – ‘ Trust us, we understand. Apology accepted!!’

Feb 2013

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